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Flood Insurance

Massachusetts flood insurance zones are often being remapped since Superstorm Sandy. If a flood policy is mortgagee or bank required for a new home closing or refinance, there is no 30 day wait on a flood policy when purchased with a paid receipt binder. However, when an existing loan suddenly requires flood insurance, policies are not effective until 30 days after initial purchase.

The risks associated with close proximity to large bodies of water are not the only signal that you may need flood insurance. Pooling water along streets near your home after a short rain are an early indicator of potential flooding during a season with upcoming storms, nor’easters and even hurricanes. Many home insurance policy holders are not aware flood insurance is not covered under a standard home insurance policy, it’s not worth waiting until it’s too late.

After over 20 years of insuring flood policies in Massachusetts, State Fund is here to answer your flood insurance questions and provide their expertise on potential flooding in your area to help provide the flood quote that is right for you.

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