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Discounts and Special Programs: More Ways State Fund Insurance Can Save You Money on Your Car Insurance!

You can shave even more money off our low rates if you qualify for discounts and special programs. Our dollar-off discounts reward good drivers, safe drivers, mature drivers, Military, and multi-car families, among others. You may even qualify for a discount just by belonging to a business or professional organization.

While not all of these discounts may be available in your state or in all cases, you probably qualify for one or more of these discounts.

You don't have to figure out which coverage the discounts apply to, or how much you can save. When you complete the free online rate quote form, the savings are calculated automatically. Or call STATE FUND INSURANCE at (800) 241-1151 and a Customer Service Representative will compute your discounts and savings. Find out how much more you can save.

Do you want to save money on your auto insurance?

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The SDIP which is Safe Driver Insurance Plan rewards drivers who do not cause an accident, or incur a traffic law violation and by making sure that high-risk drivers pay a greater share of insurance costs. There is an SDIP premium adjustment in the rating process after all discounts and rating factors have been applied.

Here are some discounts available for your auto insurance: Please call us for more information!

  • If you're a member of an auto club
  • If the drivers are age 65 and older
  • If you're automobile has passive restraints
  • If you have low annual mileage
  • If your automobile has anti-theft devices
  • If you have multiple cars
  • If you have taken drivers education
  • If you use public transit

Motor club discounts: StateFund Insurance will work with you on how your auto club can offer you a discount.

If the drivers are age 65 or older: There is a 25 premium discount after all other discounts and rating factors have been applied. Some conditions that apply are 1. If the principal operator is 65 years or older. 2. There are no inexperienced drivers and 3. The automobile is not customarily used in business.

Passive Restraint: There is a 25% discount applied to the premium paid for Parts 2, 3, 6. Part 12 is available if your car is equipped with an air bag or automatic seat belts.

Annual Mileage: There is a 10% discount applied to the premium for Parts 1-8 and Part 12 is available if your estimated annual mileage is less than 5,000 miles. There is also a 5% discount off the premium paid for Parts 1-8 and Part 12 if your estimated annual mileage falls between 5,001 and 7,500 miles. Antique cars are not eligible for this discount.

Anti-theft: There are discounts available for Part 9 for automobiles with various types of qualifying anti-theft devices. Our agents will discuss the qualifying anti-theft devices and corresponding discounts with you.

Multiple cars: There is a 5% discount applied to the premium paid for Parts 7 and 8 if 1. An individual or married couple own two or more cars insured by the same company and 2. there are no inexperienced operators. This discount only applies to automobiles that 1. have no listed inexperienced drivers and 2. are not customarily used in business.

Drivers Education: There is a 10% discount applied to the premium paid for Parts 1,2,4,5 and 7 is available for the first 3 years after an inexperienced driver has completed an approved training course.

Public Transit: There is a 10% public transit discount for premium paid for Parts 4 and 7 (with a maximum or $75 per eligible vehicle) if 1. you provide use with evidence of purchase of 11 months or commuter passes from a qualified transit system and 2. you do not drive your automobile to work or school more than 10 days or more per month. We can provide with a list of qualified transit systems.

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